January 28, 2009

There are some additions to vpcg blog :

*  Supply list for Gera Scott Chandler – “Please bring at least 2 oz of scrap clay for this class”

*  Small work lamps – if you use a small lamp – like an OTT – feel free to bring it with you and please remember the extension cord to plug it in.

*  Hotel info:  Park Inn on Broadway has extended the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild special rate for one more week.  Ends on Tuesday, Feb 3rd.  If you have not reserved your room, please do so now!  If you are not quoted the group rate, not to worry, it will be applied when you check out.  See you there!

Stay tuned to this blog for more exciting news and the daily countdown to HORIZONS!


14 Days and Counting . . . .

January 23, 2009


14 DAYS until  HORIZONS!

 There are a few seats available in workshops and demos. 

Here is a list of things to keep you organized and prepared for HORIZONS!:

1.  The timetable has changed a bit – check out the latest version here.
       [sorry – still being revised]

2.  Want to see if a workshop or demo is full?  Click here

3.  Supply list for each class?  Click here for supply lists.

4.  Hotel information – Park Inn on Broadway  www.parkinn.com

5.  Do you have questions?  Click here for contact names and numbers.

Here’s some of the great work from our members: