A chance to observe and learn all the steps involved in some very interesting techniques.

Jem Redich Mercer
Puff Hearts and KISS (Keep It Super Simple) Beadmaking

A local artist who, along with Joan Tayler, founded the Vancouver PC Guild, Jem has perfected the art of “blowing air” into shapes to give them a beautifully distinctive “puffed” look.

This demonstration will show you the steps to observe,  what to watch out for and simple steps for repairs if necessary.

Along with her signature Puff Hearts demonstration, Jem is also going to demonstrate her KISS approach to beadmaking.

Ellen Kocher's Creations
Ellen Kocher’s Creations

Ellen Kocher
Cold Connections and Cutters

Have you ever wondered how to do those great looking functional embellishments on your work?

We’ll take a look at tube and wire rivets with or without decorative cutouts.

We’ll have a brief discussion about glues.

We’ll also look at ways to make your own simple custom cutters for those shapes you just can’t buy.

I’ll have tools and supplies for those who want to try hands on during the weekend.

Deb Groom
Let’s Face It

This fun and dynamic demonstration will bring you up to speed quickly on all the ins and outs of creating faces both with molds and freehand.

Wanda Shum
Signature Cane

A fascinating look at how you can create your signature (written, printed, whatever) in a cane.

Barb Alexander
Mixing Smashing Colours

As the owner of The Batik Butik, Barb designs rayon batik fabric for women’s garments.  The fabric is dyed for her in Bali, imported and sold wholesale to fabric stores, designers and small manufacturers.  This work requires a lot of thought about color.

Barb is always learning about color and in her polymer clay hobby, she is fascinated with color mixing as well.  After taking color workshops with Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio, Barb followed Maggie’s “Smashing Color” technique for mixing polymer clay with some intriguing results.

Maggie has given Barb permission to demonstrate her techniques and to distribute “recipes” to Horizons attendees.  If you’re looking to accurately duplicate clay colors time after time, this demonstration may be an “Aha!” moment for you.


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