Hands-on Workshops

Workshops are 1.5 to 2 hours of hands-on learning conducted by one of our talented instructors.  Many classes supply a Materials List – be sure to read the full description.

Go to the Registration page to select your classes and find out how you can register.

Wanda Shum's - Complex Canes Made Easy

Wanda Shum's - Complex Canes Made Easy

Wanda ShumComplex Canes Made Easy
2½ hours, open to ALL Retreat participants

With over 15 years of experience in building canes from the simple to the complex, Wanda has developed the ability to de-mystify, creating even the most complex of canes.

Taking her inspiration from Sarah-Shriver-type Kaleidoscope canes, Wanda will walk you through the steps to build gorgeous canes like these.

As a bonus, Wanda will show you how part of this beautiful pattern can easily be turned into a gorgeous feather cane.  This workshop could open a new world of caning that you’ve not yet experienced.

Wanda Shum’s Class – Supply List

A Horizons Retreat Special Event
Wanda Shum and Gera Scott Chandler put their heads together to combine their very unique approaches into one special project, Leggy Bowls!

Gera Scott Chandler's Leggy Bowls

Gera Scott Chandler's Leggy Bowls

Gera Scott ChandlerLeggy Bowls
2½ hours – maximum participants = 15

Note: ‘Complex Canes Made Easy’ is a pre-requisite to this workshop

Recent finalist in the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Progress and Possibilities Competition, Gera Scott Chandler brings a keen artistic eye and love of colour to the art of polymer clay.

Bring your Complex Canes from Wanda’s class and learn to compose little leggy bowls with a gleaming interior accented with a funky array of beads, findings, fibers, found objects and textures.

Take the concept home to a full sized oven and go wild!

$10 Materials Fee for this session.

Dan Cormier's White Pin
Dan Cormier’s White Pin
Dan Cormier & Tracy Holmes:
Relief Beyond Belief • silhouette die forming in polymer clay

2½ hours – open to ALL Retreat participants

Polymer clay is one of the few media that can be both decorative (canework, mokume gane, mica shift, texturing…) and structural (sculpture, bead forms, vessels…).

In 1998, intrigued by the process of silhouette die forming in metal, Dan started to explore this method in his medium, as a way to work both pattern and a third dimension at the same time. A decade later, his die forming techniques for polymer clay have become a staple in his studio, an accessible but elegant system for creating bead structures, textured forms, and his signature BioForm beads and other objects. Relief Beyond Belief  will introduce you to a new way to push polymer clay – and your work – to new heights.

This is a process class, a chance to learn and try new techniques. In addition to your basic tools (pasta machine, work surface, blades, etc.),  please bring some scrap clay, and some metallic clay to play with (at least a block each).

There will be a Materials Fee of $2 (to be collected in class). Additional special tools will be available for you to use during the workshop.

Tina Holden's PhotoEZ Bangle & Pin

Tina Holden's PhotoEZ Bangle & Pin

Tina HoldenPhotoeazy Bangle and Pin
2½ hours – maximum participants = 15
An internationally published artist, Tina will show you how to create photopolymer stencils for use on polymer clay.
You’ll learn the traditional way to apply colour as well as Tina’s unique method of colour application.
You will combine texture, colour and stamp to complete a bangle and a pin, or pendant.
Joan Tayler's Quadrupeds

Joan Tayler's Quadrupeds

Joan TaylerQuadrupeds
2½ hours – maximum participants = 15

Local artist and polymer clay guru, Joan Tayler’s work is featured in a number of galleries and shops in the Lower Mainland.

She presents this introductory class for making beads that look like animals. She’ll share techniques and tricks that she’s refined over the past eight years of crafting these types of beads.

You can choose whatever animal you want to build, keeping in mind that beginning with less than realistic animals is a good start.

Tools will be loaned for this lesson and Joan will discuss acquiring or making your own tools as well.

Cheryl Trottier's Fairy

Cheryl TrottierFairies
2½ hours – maximum participants = 15

Imagination Sets the Spirit Free
Into Distant Worlds of Fantasy
Come with me and You will See
Your Imagination Become Reality.

A Ravensdale instructor who has published numerous articles and DVDs, Cherylamie as she’s known, is a specialist in miniatures.

Working in everything small, Cheryl will teach you so that a fairy will emerge from your own hands.  Your completed fairy will be 4 to 7 inches, depending on your imagination.   Emphasis will be on the hand forming and positioning of the body.

Pre baked faces will be supplied to choose from as well as  matching clay, mohair, clothing material and makeup. A $5 material charge will be required.

Class room use tools will be available – Bring your Imagination and your fingers !!!!


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  1. Cathy Brooks says:

    Hi Ms Trottier,
    I am excited about learning how to make polymer clay fairies. When is your next class?


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