Tina Holden – Supply List and Bio

PhotoEZ Stencil Jewelry

In this workshop you will learn to create photopolymer stencils for use on polymer clay, learn the traditional way to apply colour and the artist’s unique method of colour application. You will combine texture, colour and stamp to complete a stretchy bangle bracelet and pin/pendant.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length of class: 2-3 hours

Supplies required:

  • Polymer Clay: translucent, pearl, white and small amount of violet or seagreen
  • Work surface, pasta machine, and cutting blade(s)
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Varnish or sealer
  • Brush
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Soft artist pastels/decorator chalk in a variety of colours (not the new ‘pan pastels’, they are too ‘smeary’)
    [kits for $4 to $5 can be found at drugstores and art supply stores]
  • 1 colour of Acrylic Tube paint (FINE)
    (such as Golden Iridescent, Metallic Silver, Copper, Bronze etc)
  • 1 or 2mm elastic
  • Decorative stamp of your choice and stamp pad (for pendant/pin)

Optional Materials:

2 part crackle medium

Gloves (optional or recommended if sensitive to clay/paint)

Superglue(optional unless pin is chosen)

Pin back (optional if pendant is chosen)

Clay shaper tool

Supplies for Home made Exposure Frame:

Two 8”x12” clear glass or preferable acrylic sheets

4 binder clips

1 or 2 8”x12” sheets of black construction paper, fabric or felt

Squeegee, rubber spatula or expired credit card, dept. store or other (You can cut away the pertinent signature, number, etc.)

Specialty Materials Kit supplied by instructor (Kit costs $10):

PhotoEZ – 2 or 3 pieces for different designs

Large hole, recycled glass African beads

Artwork printed on transparency – 3 or 4 choices will be available

Soft sponge for cleaning stencil and graph paper

If you prefer to purchase your own PhotoEZ and Kits, these can be purchased at http://ezscreenprint.com/ including the exposure frame.

Tina will also provide her exposure frame and lighting for student’s use if you don’t want to make your own.

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Germany, Tina Holden’s interest in art was sparked at an early age, with her mother a clothing designer and her father a photographer and watercolour artist. One of Tina’s earliest recollection is of sitting on her mother’s sewing machine treadle, attempting to make clothing for her dolls and teddy bears with the fabric scraps, or stringing and sorting the many buttons. Her mother wasn’t too impressed when 3 year-old Tina cut into an expensive heirloom tablecloth to use as fabric, so was presented with a much-loved toy sewing machine at age 4.

After immigrating to Canada in the late 70’s, Tina continued to explore sewing, knitting, crocheting, then explored other media such as soap and candle making, decoupage and finally painting, and carving under the tutelage of renowned Tofino painter Mark Hobson and carver Wayne Adams.

Tina turned to her true passion in 1989, jewelry, which includes polymer clay, bead and wire work and the occasional carving, Tina has since enjoyed a solid reputation for innovation and design. Published works have appeared in local papers, Polymer CAFÉ, Jewelry Crafts and Step by Step Wire.


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